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2008 Available Yorkie Puppies

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2008 Yorkie Tales
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Coming soon will be Puppy Page Diaries...updates and pictures of puppies that have found great homes and are growing and experiencing enriching lives thanks to the wonderful people that have opened their hearts and homes to these little bundles of furry joy.
It is my hope that each puppy will have it's own page to share and show their adventures of life in their new homes.  I always love to see the pictures and read of their latest stunt....  This will be a way to pass on some of my joy with anyone interested. 
BUT................first things first!!!
School's winding up....and my second graders are 1st on my list of to do's....
SeneGence is another big part of my life...Long lasting color cosmetics for women who expect more!
AND of course...there are motorcycles to ride!!!