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Puppy Tales of 2005 - 2006
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Cash's Girl.....Jersey Girl........"Ginger"
Handed off in the Philadelphia Airport to Michele and Linda

Cash's Big Sister is SOLD and was delivered to Philadelphia on Saturday May 6, 2006!  She's a Jersey Girl now and her new name is Ginger.   She had a great flight out and was greeted by Michele and her mother Linda. 
We spent the gorgeous spring day seeing Philadelphia and soaking up such impressive historical sites.  We met some great people before heading back to the Midwest.

CALIFORNIA - April 2006   -  Mickey aka Cash's Little Boy

California Hospitality was much appreciated!
Fast friends...and a great time! Thanks Rosemarie and Jim!

CONNECTICUT - April 2006

Todd & Carrie welcome Carey's Baby Girl
Connecticut's new addition will definitely be spoiled

Cash's Big Sister was my only pup available.....but now she's packing for New Jersey!!  Gonna be a Jersey Girl!


Carey's Female on left
Cash's Male in the Middle, Female on right

Starting here is info from the beginning of 2005.... 

Itty Bitty
I like to ride fast and take chances!

Cash n Carey both had litters in February 2005.... 
Carey had two baby girls and both sold before their eyes were open!   They are known as Sassi and Suzzi and have a great home in Overland Park, Kansas.
Cash had two females also, but we lost the one.  Itty Bitty has decided to stay with us....  Her hair is growing long and silky...I'll get a picture up as soon as I can.  She's top notch quality and has quite a personality!  What a little character!  She's not quite sure what to think about Carey's new girls!  She barks and whines as she peers in at them!

Ittty Bitty laid back and resting easy...
Getting some TLC from a friend of ours

From time to time there are close relatives of CashnCarey's available.  If you are looking for some little fur ball to love on and I don't I have listed what you're wanting, ask me about them.