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The Girls and I send Tubbie off to his new home.
Tubbie, Carrie, Little Bit of Cash, Itty Bitty

Each Page usually starts from the bottom up if you'd like to read in chronological order about the puppies...
At this time, Itty Bitty lives with Chance in Iowa.  Lil Bit of Cash is no longer available. 

Too likes it on top

Carey and Bumper had two little females born 1-21-08.  They weighed in at 5 oz and 5.5 oz.  - Twinkie Size!She's such a good mother to them!  Prices will start at $2500.  You can see evidence of the quality of CashnCarey pups. 

Tobi with his new owners
Tubbie is known as Tobi!

The Tubster...
8 months

Santa did deliver on Little Girl... This 2 lb 1.5 oz Little Girl is headed to Tennessee to live at Sandi's.  And Deliver he did!!  I met Sandi at Kansas City International Airport and it was love at first site.  Sandi's words..."She's even cuter than her pictures!"
Hi Kathy~
Jazz (her new name), me and my family are having such a good time with little squirt...she has a marvelous personality and is just super SWEET. We all love her so very, very much and I truly believe she loves us kist as much. She seems to have settled in so well and is really, really smart. Since I don't have a doggy door and it gets so terribly cold up here on top of the mountain, I decided to try puppy pads and within less than 2 days she was completely trained!!!!!   What a smart, smart little girl. I am so very happy with her....she is exactly what I was looking for and she is my precious little baby girl that I will love until I'm gone. THANK YOU so very, very much, Kathy for the PERFECT PET. We sleep together, love together, play together .... we do practically everything together.....I LOVE HER SO, SO MUCH!!!
Bigger Tubby (4 lbs 9 oz)is available and is just now leaving the "teenage (awkward looking) stage".  He's turning into a beautiful Yorkie...even tho he's still as ornery as ever!!  We'll hate to see him go!

Tubbie's ears are now up and he's probably double the size of Little Girl.  He thinks he's a big dog as he barks from the porch.

Tubbie's price $1200.   He is such a character ... orneriness all over!!  He loves attention and would be a great with kids or a perfect lap dog.  He's been neutered and micro chipped.  He's about 5 lbs.  He'd be a great pet for someone with kids or anyone wanting a hearty playmate.
Little Girl is SOLD and heading to Tennesee to live with Sandi!
Little Girl $4000.  Such a sweetheart - tiny, dainty and petite...and she'll stay that way!   Even tho... she gives Tubbie a run for his money! 
TInie weighs 1 lb 6 oz at 9 wks. 

Carey's little "Tubbie" guy is 7 weeks and weighs 27 oz.  He's a real chaser as he runs and plays in the yard.
Cash's little "Tinie" girl is dainty but tough!  She gives Tubbie a run for his money as she tumbles and plays with him.  She weighs 19 oz at 7 weeks.

Little Itty Bitty
3 years old

All the Kids!
Summer 2008

Itty BItty (parents Cash and Connor) is available for $1200.  She's an adorable lovable little Yorkie who has been spayed and microchipped.  She's been raised under foot in my home and loves to sit on your lap and be petted.  She'd make a great companion.

Side shot of Itty
Summer 2008

Pee Wee is SOLD!  He's living with Dawn and is now known as Joey... Here's a letter from Dawn...
I saw your baby girl that looked like Joey did when he was younger, so so so adorable she is.  I truly wished I could get another since we love Joey's personality so much. He is just as sweet as can be, I love him to pieces and he is with me always! Joey loves everyone, doesn't make messes and listens very well. I have not had to raise my voice for him to listen and he seems to know what I say to him. He is extremely intelligent. I want to express my sincere thanks to you Kathy for this precious little guy Joey. Thank you seems small in exchange or in comparison to the happiness given. But I know you understand how I feel having ones of your own.
                                    Thank you again

Joey....formerly known as PeeWee
September 2007....9 months

A Malcom Grandson....He'll be little!!

Christmas Puppy Arrives!

Cash and Connor (Browntrout's 2007 Calendar Cover Yorkie) are the proud parents of PeeWee.  He was the only puppy to make it.  He was the smallest of the litter of two but is getting fatter every day!

PeeWee 1 pound at 6 wks
"I'm coming to get you!"

Cash's litter was born Christmas Morning.  The Sire is the poster Yorkie on the cover of Browntrout Publishing's 2007 Yorkie Calendar.  She had two beautiful boys but only one made it....the littler one.  A deposit will hold for a Valentine Surprise...puppies are at least 10-12 weeks before they are sent out into the world.  Pricing for PeeWee is listed at $3500